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  • Esaurito

    1920 Top Blend Limited Edition

    A unique product that embodies tradition, innovation and sustainability.

    1920 limited edition

    The 1920 Top Blend limited edition has been dedicated to Primo Parisi, who represents the second generation. This oil is the result of a careful hand harvest and the use of innovative methods and tradition.

    2018: “Quattro Gocce” at the 9th competition of Italian extra virgin olive oils “L’ Oro d’Italia”,

    3° premio come miglior fruttato leggero”;

    2019: “Quattro Gocce e Menzione di Merito” at the 10th competition of Italian extra virgin olive oils “L’Oro d’Italia”; “due gocce qualità” at the international oil competition “Aipo d’Argento”; “medaglia d’Argento” at the “OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition”.

    The oil “1920” has a golden color with green reflections and an intense aroma of grass / leaf. In the mouth it releases a medium-level fruitiness with sensory notes of tomato, artichoke and fresh almond.