• IGP Olio di Calabria Organic

    From 2019, Parisi is proud to present the new "Olio di Calabria" with "Protected Geographical Indication" obtained only by olives produced in Calabria, meeting the conditions and requirements established by the strict regulations. “The combination of aromas and flavours”.

    Every step of the process is controlled, from the selection of the native olive groves to the bottling, and managed by the certifying authority, to guarantee high quality standards.
    The particular morphology of the territory, the high temperatures and the long periods of drought, represent an important factor that determines some quality elements, like the phenolic content, the acidic composition and the values of oleic acid.
    Our "Olio di Calabria IGP" comes from olives harvested by hand from olive groves that do not exceed the amount of about 420 plants per hectare. This guarantees the protection of the olive groves and the ancient Calabrian tradition.


    Once harvested, the olives are promptly transported into perforated boxes that help aeration and prevent overheating and fermentation. In less than 6 hours from the harvest we get an oil with a medium fruity green olive with floral and artichoke notes, and hints of freshly cut grass, leaf, and tomato (green / ripe).

    After cold extraction (below 27 ° C), the oil is stored in controlled temperature rooms, (between 14 ° C and 17 ° C), in stainless steel containers under an inert gas, thus avoiding the problem of oxidation and preserving the quality and chemical characteristics of our Olio di Calabria – IGP.

    “IGP per noi è tutela della biodiversità”